Welcome to 4th Grade

Miss Laurie Schlaefer

October 23-27

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Classroom News

Thank you to all who worked and brought food to our bake sale! We made about $80 for the missions!

Thank you, Pat Holbrook, who picked up balloons and cake for our Solar System play and party.

Solar System Play - It was a hit! Thanks for everything you did to make it a success.

I will be taking our decorated pumpkins to the Bethalto Care Center this Wednesday at 3:35. Please come help pass out pumpkins and visit with the people! (Oct. 25th)

Please thank Dalton's Grandma for decorating pumpkins with our class!!! Thank you! 



No tests

Wear Red Day


No tests

Hat Day/Free Dress


Rd - Voc Test 9 (Antonyms)

Living Rosary (2:15)

Spelling Test 9

Wear Red Day


Test over "Dear Mr. Wilson"

Science - Quiz over Chapter 3 / Lesson 1

Mission Carnival 1-2:30

Trunk or Treat - 6:30 p.m.

 Mission Carnival info coming soon.

Pllease remember this schedule may change. Check assignment notebook for changes.

Spelling Lesson 9

  1. spark
  2. prepare
  3. cheer
  4. tear
  5. scarf
  6. scare
  7. repair
  8. earring
  9. scarce
  10. weird
  11. sharp
  12. rear
  13. spare
  14. gear
  15. hairy
  16. compare
  17. alarm
  18. harsh
  19. upstairs
  20. square
  21. weary
  22. startle
  23. appear
  24. barnacle
  25. awareness

SS - Chapter 2 Vocabulary Definitions

  1. region – area with at least one feature that sets it apart from other areas
  • urban – city
  • suburb – town near a larger city
  • rural – country
  • government – system that decides what is best for a group of people
  • county – part of a state that has its own government (Madison)
  • county seat – the town in the middle of a county (roads, courts)
  • culture – way of life
  • natural vegetation – plant life that grows naturally
  1. economy – the way you use your resources to meet your needs
  2. agriculture - farming
  3. Manufacturing- the making of products
  4. industry – businesses that make one kind of product
  5. service industries – industries that workers are paid to do things for other people
  1. custom – a USUAL way of doing something (shaking hands)
  2. ethnic group – group of people from the same country or race
  3. land use – how we use the land
  4. population - # of people who live in a certain place
  5. modify – change
  6. tourism – selling goods to people


  1. interdependence – depending on one another for resources (Idaho - potatoes)
  2. trade – buying & selling of goods
  3. technology – way people use new ideas to make tools and machines
  4. steppes – large grassy plains
  5. Gobi – Asia's largest desert
  6. rain forest – warm, wet area with lots of plant life and tall trees
  7. Heritage – beliefs or customs that come from the past
  8. tradition – way of life or ideas that has been handed down from the past
  9. currency – money

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